'The Ti-Tree Bush Mix Single' EP

Ti-Tree Bush Mix
You Aint Goin Nowhere
Bordertown (Live)
Captain No1 (Live)

Recorded and mixed in the Smoked Recordings studio 2005 Engineered by Michiel Hollanders Produced by Michiel and Dan Available only in Australia via www.nonzero.com.au First released in May 2006 under special agreement for Australia only Also available online via www.smokedrecordings.com

When the "No Tears in Paradise" was released in 2006 in Australia on Nick Carr's Non Zero Label, he wanted to lift a promo EP from the album to get things started with the first Australian tour. Nick thought a remix of the 'Ti-Tree Bush Mix' song might do the trick if I could find some live material to place on it as well. And since he had invested in me in Australia, I wasn't about to can the idea outright. We had just recorded a live gig in a theater in Amsterdam so it all came together quite easily. There are live versions of two "Ghost Hunt Migration" album tracks on the EP I love how they both sound and I love the way BL play those songs now. There is also an 'out-take' of me singing one of the first songs I ever learnt to play and sing - the Dylan tune "You Aint Goin'Nowhere", which was a favourite during the drunken teenage campfire days up behind Temagog. And the other one "Rust Bucket" I like a lot as well. We recorded that with 2 overheads, just mucking around one day. 'Rust Bucket' was recently used in a documentary about an artist friend of mine in Antarctica - always wanted to go there.