No Tears In Paradise

Ti Tree Bush Mix
At The Parade
We Gunna Die Out Here
Black Snake Story
Todd River Disco
If God Be God
When I Got Back
The Ballad Of Edward Fidzgerald
Old Macleay

Recorded in Smoked Studio, mid-late 2005 First released late 2005 in the Benelux Released in Australia February 2007 Engineered by Michiel Hollanders Produced & mixed by Michiel Hollanders & Dan Tuffy Catalogue nr: SR005 Available at www.smokedrecordings.com and via www.nonzero.com.au

Michiel Hollanders initially came to Big Low as a side-result of his involvement with Parne Gadje. The Smoked Recording Studio forms the workplace for both groups so when Michiel became involved with Marc & I in 2002/3 he not only bought great instrumentalist skills into the equation (he can play the pants off most people I've met), he also came along with great studio skills and an amazing penchant for building weird looking and sounding instruments. By the time we started this project Michiel was well and truly an active member of Big Low and we were beginning to benefit immensely from his skills and musicality. We had also recently finished recording and mixing Parne Gadjes 'Ö Manus' and Michiel and myself in particular were beginning to realise how well we complimented each other in the studio, while developing an approach to recording that suited the kind of music we were making. NO TEARS IN PARADISE is more transparent and 'brighter' than GHM or the Live Ep - this is partly because of gear investment we were able to make for the studio (we finally had a stable system that actually worked!) but mainly because of Michiel's 'revised old school' recording philosophy and great mic placement skills. The 'Smoked Sound' was well on it's way with this album.