3 Songs for 10 Bucks

Chicken Face (Live)
Don't Smoke in Bed (Live)
Captain No1

Recorded at a gig in November 2001, Wilde Wereld Theater, Wageningen, The Netherlands Live Demo Quality Recording Never released and never will be Available only online via www.smokedrecordings.com

You would have to be a very big fan of BL to want this in your collection but I who am I to talk you out of it. The sound quality is pretty thin though – it hasn’t been mastered and if you want one what you’ll be getting is a burnt copy of a poorly recorded gig only slightly above the quality of a desk tape. It is however, not completely unlistenable. The 3 songs on it all have spirited performances. “Don’t Smoke in Bed” might even be a ‘better’ performance than the one on the album. “Chicken Face” is a song Id like to record properly one day but at the moment this is the only place you can hear it, apart from seeing us live (we still put it in the set sometimes) – but it will never sound anything like this again. “Captain No.1” I also like – very different from how it is on the GHM album and completely different to how we do it now. It is also the only document of the combination of myself, Marc (still with BL on bandoneon & percussion), Steve Heather (samples & percussion) and Murray Cambell (violin). Murray went off to Nevada with his hippy girl and Steve ended up in Berlin not long after this. Think of it as a faded photograph.