Welcome to the Big Low website!
We are based in the Netherlands. We were two parts Dutch and one part Australian. Our music is about feeling. Feeling is all. We do a lot of it with stories. And we work with sound to carry you into the story and away. So when you've been to see a Big Low show, you've really travelled. Thats the idea. We don't need to go looking for inspiration. I have inherited a catalogue of stories from the valley where I grew up that will last me a lifetime. Its what makes me and at the same time it's a cross I have to bare. There's no escaping it it. Some radical element has put the whammy on me and the lads pick it up if Im riding it properly and there is your flow right there. There is a current of this land-spirit running through every note we play. At least thats how I see it. Or feel it. To enhance the telling and capture the right atmosphere we will often elect to record our music using sounds generated from unexpected sources. A standard bass, drums, guitar, violin, keyboard-whatever line-up could never satisfied any one of us as musicians. We look for sounds that can tell a story and we often find the right "instrument" for the job lying on the floor of the shed.

Members: Dan Tuffy (songs, acoustic & electric guitars, banjo bass, vocals) Marc Constandse (bandoneon, percussion incl. darabuka, morrocan castinettes, gembir, cajon, chains and basically anything that rattles and makes a cool noise) & Michiel Hollanders (resonator guitar, velophone, singing saw and assorted textures from wherever he can get them).

We also run the Smoked Recordings label, a label for "Amplified Acoustic Music" and the Smoked Sounds studio. If you like what you hear check the label catalogue out because you will probably like that as well: www.smokedrecordings.com


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